Join Me and Scares That Care for a Race to Help Those in Need!

You may be surprised to learn that under all that darkness and dread many horror authors have big soft hearts. I’m sure that many of our readers do too! That’s why I’d like to invite each and every one of you to join me in raising money for people with childhood illness, burns and breast cancer.

Let me introduce you to Scares That Care, a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation that each year aims to provide $10,000 to three families experiencing hardship from the financial burden of managing childhood illness, burns and breast cancer. Their team of 100% volunteers run events every year to ensure that they raise enough funds to be able to help families in need.

One of these events is the annual 5K walk/run race, held in Williamsburg, VA. The beauty of this race is that you don’t actually have to be there to participate – a ‘virtual’ event is run at the same time, so if you can’t actually be there, you can still participate, raise money for a great cause, and get goodies like t-shirts and medals for your hard work!

This year I’ve decided to launch a ‘virtual’ walking team to compete in the 5K, and I want to invite all of you to join me! All you need to do is follow the link to my team, Gates’ Groaning Ghouls, and register to join! Then, anytime you want to go and do your 5K, you can! I’m doing mine on August 1st in line with the Scares That Care Charity Weekend in Williamsburg, VA – though I’ll be doing it in WI. Feel free to join me!

Anyone who knows someone who has suffered, or has themselves suffered, from a life-threatening disease or injury knows the worry and pressure that comes from trying to make ends meet while paying for treatments and all the associated costs that come with it. Do something positive: show that you care, and come and have some fun.

Please see the Scares That Care website for details. And link up with Gates’ Groaning Ghouls!

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